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Liberation Lens

I offer gentle, trauma-informed counseling to help you heal. I practice through a lens that recognizes people are doing the best they can in a world that isn’t always designed for us to thrive. I practice informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence-based form of treatment that is effective in helping people find inner peace and healing. Combined with body- and emotion-focused techniques, these gentle practices can support you as you find healing and balance in your body, mind, and soul.


I believe that everyone deserves access to high quality mental health services and that mental health care providers deserve to make a living. I recognize the existing health care model does not enable either of those objectives to be met. I seek to address this problem using a community approach and invite you to join me. 

  • My role: I offer services ranging from $350-$25 a session and will work with clients across that range, accepting new clients in a combination that enables me to meet my financial needs. 

  • Your role: Pay the rate you can afford based on your circumstances and family’s economic privilege. As you consider what price you will pay, check out this quick assessment tool. Note: One common pitfall with a sliding scale is that people with family wealth but temporary personal scarcity often select a lower rate than people with temporary abundance but no safety net. 


Tier 1 $300 - 350

Tier 2 $225 - 300

Tier 3 $150 - 225

Tier 4 $75 - 150

Tier 5 $25 - 75

Credit: this pricing approach is inspired by the great work being done at

My Approach


I only accept private pay. Private pay enables you as the client to determine the length and type of counseling that best suits your needs and eliminates insurance companies from treatment decisions. Confidentiality remains between you and your chosen mental health care provider.


Accepting insurance introduces obstacles to care, including the following.

  • Insurance providers have the authority to:

    • determine the number of sessions they will cover.  

    • determine the limits of which situations warrant coverage.

    • determine what forms of treatment are covered by their policy.

    • require a diagnosis that stays on your permanent health record to receive coverage.

  • Insurance providers are a for profit business, not the mental health professional you sought and hired to support your personal well-being.

  • Counselors relying solely on insurance receive significantly reduced rates and must carry caseloads at least 50% larger to earn the same livable income. 

  • Increased caseloads perpetuate counselor burnout and may reduce the quality of care for you and other clients.


To increase accessibility, I offer a generous sliding scale.

Credit: this approach toward insurance is inspired by the great work being done at 

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